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FYI: Granting awards from one community member to another. | CoLab Community

FYI: Granting awards from one community member to another.

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1. Find your Recipient

Option 1: Click on People on the Activity Steam Wall from spaces you belong to.

Next select the user you want to give a badge award to.  


Option 2: Type a username into the search bar at the top of page.  Names will automatically populate based on the letters you use in your search. Click on the username that you're looking for. 

3.  Community User Dashboard

Click on the badge link found on the left of the user's profile page

4. View Details 

Hovering your mouse over already earned badges will reveal why the community user earned the award. Left clicking on an earned badge will bring up two options, View details and Wall Post Select 'View details'.  

5. View Past Award Recipients

The View Details selection provides you with a list of the number of times past recipients  have received awards.  Note: some awards are only able to be earned once. 

6. Available to Award

Click the back button in your browser to return to the user's profile page if you visited the 'View Details' page. 

Click on Available to award tab to see what badges you're able to give the community member. 

7. Review Awards

Read each badge to see what best fits your purpose.

Award recipients will receive anywhere from 100 to 750 community user points depending on the award.  

8. Select the Award

Click on 'Award' once you've made your decision. 

9. Write a Message and then Award!

Write the recipient a message and click Award.  Recipients will receive an immediate notification of the award plus it will be posted to their Activity Stream. Community User points will be added to their overall total. 

FYI: Everyone who is 'Connected' to the community member will be able to view the Activity Stream's wall message. Great way to publicly recognize community member efforts! laughing


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