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FYI: Badge Awards! | CoLab Community

FYI: Badge Awards!

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If you would prefer a video overview go HERE.  


I'd love to hear your badge award ideas!

Comment below, you might just earn a Commenter Award! laughing


1. View Badges dashboard

Click on the upside down triangle next to your profile image and select Badges

2. View Badges Earned

If badges have been earned you'll see them under the 'Badges earned' tab, hover your mouse over each badge and you'll see why they were earned

3. View Badges Available to Earn

Select the 'Available to earn' tab to see available badges.

Each badge earned adds extra community user points which adds to your overall community rank.  

4. View Badge Challenge Details

Some badges are awarded from one community member to another.  

And some are earned by performing specific actions.

The badge below is automatically granted to members who have liked content 20 times. When a user has earned a badge that can be awarded multiple times, the challenge starts at zero again once a badge has been earned. The award will again be awarded once the identified challenge has been met. Some badges are only awarded once, such as the Profile and Viewer Award.



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