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FYI: Notifications

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Your Notifications feed in the header bar provides you with real time alerts about updates and activity that are important to you, they can be seen no matter what page you happen to be on.

Track your notifications using the exclamation mark icon in the header at the top of your screen. When a new notification comes in, you are alerted in two ways.

  1. An alert appears in the lower left corner of your screen with a summary of the notification you just received.
  2. A number appears next to the exclamation mark, indicating that you have an unseen notification. If other notifications arrive, that number increments automatically to accurately reflect your new updates. The image below shows a user with seven new notifications.

You can also view your notifications in full page format by going to your My Account (also found in the header menu). 

When you are ready to view and interact with your notifications, click the exclamation mark icon to view a drop-down list of recent updates. You can then select a given notification to see it in more detail, or click 'View all' at the top or bottom of the list to leave the page you are on and open the Notifications page in a full window.

You will receive notifications for the following:

  • When someone comments on or edits your created entity or content that you're following
  • When a new post is added to a discussion topic you're am subscribed to
  • When a new topic is added to a discussion forum you're subscribed to
  • When someone likes your created entity
  • When someone rates your created entity
  • When an idea you submitted receives a vote
  • When a case you submitted, are assigned to, or are an additional recipient on receives a new comment or is edited
  • When a role you're assigned to has a pending workflow item to approve
  • When content you've submitted is accepted or declined through workflow
  • When someone invites you to a space
  • When someone adds you to or accepts your request to join a space
  • When someone invites you to an event
  • When someone has RSVP'd to your created event
  • When someone @mentions you in a wall post or content (see FYI: @mentions )
  • When someone assigns you an case OR adds me as a recipient in a case
  • When someone assigns you a new task
  • When a task you have created is completed by someone else
  • When a role you're assigned to has to approve a pending user
  • When a role you're assigned to has a pending space join request to approve
  • When you have new content or a new version of content that you're required to read
  • When you earn a badge or another user grants you a badge

For more information about My Account features go to  Tips: My Apps and Tools .

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