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FYI: Stock Images for all CoLab users | CoLab Community

FYI: Stock Images for all CoLab users

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Stock Images

Did you know that CoLab supplies a set of stock images you can use for calendar events, blog posts and news posts? 


1. Click on 'Upload a featured image' found on the menu to the right of the post (when in edit mode)

2. Select 'Choose from albums'

3. Select Stock Images from albums on the left (it's usually the one on top)

4. Scroll through the images and click on the one you want to add to your post

5. Voila, picture added!!

Stock images include a variety of color schemes using the same icons to allow you to find something that fits the look of your website. 

Stock Images include: 

  1. Seminar, Workshop, Training, Conference
  2. Meeting, Virtual Meeting
  3. Community Event
  4. Deadline
  5. News
  6. and more...

FYI - CoLab members are able to create their own photo albums (provided the space has permissions) and add those images using the same steps as above, except for choosing their album instead of Stock Images. 

Unless it is a stock album created by CoLab only the creator of an album is able to add images from the 'choose albums' location.  

If you have any suggestions for images you'd like to see added to the Stock Album please let me know in comments below.  

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