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FYI: Calendar and Event Tool Features and Differences | CoLab Community

FYI: Calendar and Event Tool Features and Differences

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Calendar Tool and Event Tool Features

Users have asked, "When should I use a the Calendar to make an entry and when should I use Events? 

Important! No matter how you enter your activity it will show up in both the events listing and on the calendar. 

The table below shows you what features are available to both and what are exclusive to the tool type. Choose the features that work best for your activity type. 

Combining Features

  1. Create the event in one of the tools, don't invite users.
  2. Edit the entry using the other tool
  3. Invite who you want to attend. 

This method will prevent invitees from getting two notifications for the same event. 

Feature Table

Features Calendar Events

Invite everyone in the space

laughing laughing
Add everyone in the space as attending laughing laughing  

Invite internal members and external people

laughing laughing

Assign an Event Type

laughing laughing

Assign a colour to the calendar entry

laughing  X

Schedule reminders

laughing  X

RSVP Component

 X laughing

Provide a place for who should attend, location, phone number, website address

 X laughing

Provides a spot for an event image

 X laughing
Allow for an attachment  X laughing

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