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FYI: How to Format

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Cutting and Pasting

You're able to cut and paste from Word and keep the formatting you've applied in Word. 

Important! Right clicking to paste won't work. Use Ctr C for copying the content and Ctr V for paste. (Command C/V for Mac users)

Formatting Text

  1. Most of your needs will be met using the Format selection in the post's menu bar. 

  2. Headings create larger font text

  3. Inline provides you with bold, italic, subscript etc

  4. Blocks provide paragraph and block quote styles

  5. Alignment provides left, right, centre and justify options

Creating a Block Quote

If I highlight this text with my cursor and select 'Format' and hover over 'Formats', and then 'Blocks' and choose 'blockquote' the text will then look like this within the wiki. Creating a Block Quote

Inserting a Table

You'll need to drag out the columns of the table once it opens in the post. The width and height of the cells are adjustable

Inserting Images

  1. Click on the image selectionwill open up a pop up menu. 
  2. Click on source to choose the location of your image. 
  3. Click on OK and the image will be inserted
  4. You will be able to re size using image handles once it's inserted. 

Inserting Videos

  1. Click on the image selection will open up a pop up menu. 
  2. Click on either General or Embed to insert video information
  3. Source is for the url of your video
  4. Embed is a code provided by the host for your video (i.e YouTube)
  5. Adjust dimensions of the video using Dimensions or by embedding code that includes size appropriate for the post


Inserting Links

  1. Click on the  option
  2. Paste the url for your link into the Url selection
  3. Type the text  you want displayed for the link (Eg. Click Here)
  4. You can choose to ignore the title
  5. Target choices are have the link open a new window or open the link in the page you're in.  


Inserting Emojis

Click on and have fun!!!!  laughing wink

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