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FYI: Participation Points

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Points and badges are awarded to active community members in appreciation of their participation. 

A point structure is in place to encourage members to participate. 

Currently (May 2017) member rankings are listed as follows: 

At this time none of our community members have reached Expert, although one member is close with well over 18,000 points!

Points are awarded depending on the type of contribution. 

Creating a forum topic 25
Replying to a forum topic 20
Marking a forum reply 'marked as an answer' 10
Adding a blog post 25
Adding an article 25
Adding an event 25
Adding a video 25
Adding a photo 10
Adding a new wiki 25
Updating a wiki page` 10
Uploading a file 20
Posting a new case 25
Creating a poll or survey 25
Creating a wall post 25
Sharing content 25
Commenting on any content 20
Points for rating content 15
Points for liking content 15
Points for voting for an idea 20
Points for voting on a poll 20


Coming soon members will be able to award other members with I Appreciate You and Thank You badges.  Community members will be also become eligible for Community Collaborator badges after they've completed a multi-step process which is still in the early development stage.  More information to come! laughing

So HIT that like button, comment, create, update and please share what you know with other members, the community will thrive with your involvement!

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