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FYI: Chats and Messages

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You can communicate one-on-one with other users or chat in a group using instant messaging.

  1. In the header menu click on the chat bubble and then the 'Send Message' link. 

2.  As you type in the first few letters of a community users name a list of choices appears. When the name(s) that you want appear select it and it will jump to the 'To:' field. 

3. Create your message and press 'Send.'

4. Alternatively you can select 'View All' at the bottom of the chat bubble and be taken to the chat tool. 

5. Click the + sign on the left to start a new message to either an individual or group. 

6. To add someone else to an already existing message click the + sign to the right of the page

7. To keep a frequently visited chat at the top of your list click on the star next to the person(s) you're messaging with. To remove it from favourites perform the same action. 

8. On the bottom left of the chat tool you'll see a notification bell. It's defaulted to on, if you want to turn notification sounds off click on the bell.  

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