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FYI: Tagging Content

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Tagging posts makes them much easier to find in search. 

Tags give your content and conversations context and make everything easier to find, while at the same time connect you to similar information. All of the content in CoLab, from blogs and wikis to photos and discussions, can be tagged with keywords.

How To

At the bottom of every content type you'll see an 'Add tags' spot. Use the hashtag symbol '#' before the tag word without leaving a space to add one.  i.e. #hashtag 

Click on Popular Tags to see if your tag has already been created. If you find the ones your want click on the word and it will move into its proper spot. If you need to create a new one keep in mind that uppercase letters will automatically be turned into lowercase letters.  To create a tag out of two words that are typically used together either type #twowords or #two_words or #two #words. When using search, choices will begin to populate after the second letter entered. 

Group Tags

You can also add tags that have been set up as group tags and search using the group category when looking for aligned content. Clicking on one of the group tags in the list below will generate additional tags depending on the category chosen.  

Group tags are set up by CoLab administration.  If you're interested in setting up a group tag group for your use case please contact your CoLab support person. 

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