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FYI: @mentions

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@Mentions are a great way to get someone’s attention or direct community members to other members, specific content or other community spaces. 

When you tag a person with an @Mention they receive a notification. @Mentions are public and visible to everyone and link to the profile, content or space.  Start typing the name of the person, content or space and a suggestion will appear. Select the content you want to tag and the tag will be inserted.

JoStone This is an example of adding a specific user to the content of the post. Clicking on my name will bring you to my profile where you can send me a message or ask to be connected. 

To insert the two documents below an @sign followed by FYI produced two choices. Clicking on them inserted them into this blog post. 

FYI: Opting out of Daily/Weekly Activity Digest Emails 

FYI: Using CoLab as an app on your smart device. 

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