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FYI: Opting out of Daily/Weekly Activity Digest Emails | CoLab Community

FYI: Opting out of Daily/Weekly Activity Digest Emails

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*About Activity Emails:  They are summaries of activity inside Space you are a member of and are subscribed to. Members are set to receive the activity by default for each space they belong to. CoLab sends two activity emails, a Daily Digest Email that summarizes the past 24 hours of activity, and a Weekly Digest Email that summarizes the past 7 days of activity.

Activity emails are most useful for members who are not able to log into their computer regularly for updates. It is a way to make sure not to lose out on any activity in topics of interest without having to continuously log back into the Platform for updates.

To unsubscribe to activity emails for individual spaces you can go to the Activity Stream within the space you want to adjust, scroll to the bottom of the left side menu and select 'Stop Activity Email". Keep in mind you will no longer receive email updates for this space, however you can click on the same link and start receiving emails for the selected Space once again.



Did you know that you can opt in or out of CoLab daily and weekly activity digests for all of your spaces? 

  1. Click on the gear next to your member picture 
  2. Select 'Preferences'
  3. Scroll down to 'Digest Emails'
  4. Check on or off depending on your preference.  laughing

Recommendation: Keep 'Send me email notifications' on to receive CoLab specific alerts for things like temporary maintenance shutdowns. 

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