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Tips: My Apps and Tools | CoLab Community

Tips: My Apps and Tools

Tips: My Apps and Tools

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How to use My Apps and Tools to your advantage. 


1. Click on your username to find My Apps and Tools

2. Activity Stream.

The Activity Stream lets you discover new content posted by collaborators in any space you belong to. This means that you won't have to visit every space to see what's happening.  

From the Activity Stream, you can view and interact with new content. For example, you can see up to 9 photos added to an album, play videos directly from the feed, like content, comment on wall posts, and jump to a detailed view of posted content and user profiles.

On the right side, you'll see the Activity Ticker which provides you finer details. The Activity Ticker provides a quick view of content from all the users and spaces you are connected to and have permission to see.


Bookmarks are your library of saved content. Bookmarks store content that is important to you, all in one place. You can use bookmarks to save a wiki for future reference, save an article to read later or save an idea to revisit. On the Bookmarks page, you can view, search for, edit, and delete bookmarks.

To bookmark favorite content click on this symbol: 

4. Calendar.  

On the Calendar page, you can view your events and create events, as well as view calendars other users have shared with you. Use the DayWeek, and Month buttons to switch between views.

5. Connections. 

On the Connections page, you can view and edit your connections and accept or ignore connection requests.

The benefits of connections include: 

- What's on your mind? posts in My Activity Stream are shared between connections.
- Connections can post on each other's walls.
- Your connections' activities in public spaces will appear in your My Activity Stream
- Your activities in public spaces will appear in your connections' Activity Stream
- You can share your calendar with all of your connections at once

6. Mentions

@Mentions are a great way to get someone’s attention or direct other readers to a particular user. When you tag a person with an @mention, they will receive a notification. @Mentions are public and visible to everyone with access to the space they are used and link to the user's profile.

7. Recognition.

Badges are a way for users to be recognized for their contributions to the community. Some may be earned through specific actions in the community. Other badges can be awarded by users for actions that merit recognition. The Insights tab shows recognition statistics and badges you have earned and been awarded. Filter insights to see the statistics and badges earned in a certain time period.

Click on a badge to see the badge summary and when you earned it. The summary includes the badge name, a short description of what the badge is about, the date you earned it or were awarded it and, if awarded, who awarded it to you. From there you can click View details to see the full detail page for the badge (see the Earning Badges section below) or click to view the wall post from when you got the badge, to see what others have said about it.

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