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The Value of BRIEF Communication | CoLab Community

The Value of BRIEF Communication

The Value of BRIEF Communication

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Keeping communication brief and to the point helps the writer AND the reader.

If you struggle knowing what to say perhaps the BRIEF acronym below will help.

B (Background): Provide a quick context—what prompted the communication?
R (Reason): Explain why you're speaking —why should recipients pay attention?
I (Information): Provide two to three key statements — use bullet points.
E (End): Decide on what note you want to leave the conversation — Are you asking for a decision? 
F (Follow-up): Consider the questions you anticipate your readers will ask and prepare answers in advance.


App Alert!

For those of you who find it difficult to be succinct, consider using the Hemmingway app.  The beta page allows you to cut and paste text into the browser window and provides valuable and free feedback.

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